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“IT Solutions staff have built and have supported our entire IT infrastructure for the past 14 years. Their technical support and personal commitment has been nothing short of outstanding.”

Don Weir

Finance and Administration Manager
Roche Diagnostics New Zealand Ltd


“We have used IT Solutions services since 1995 to provide local support services as directed by our Australia-based IT department. They have helped us to implement many global IT objectives. Their help and advice on setting local goals and achieving local objectives has also been invaluable.”

Adil Sarkari

Finance Manager
Heidelberg New Zealand Ltd


“IT Solutions supported our IT infrastructure for several years. Our company went through a difficult time moving from our existing premises to temporary ones for a few weeks, while our new building was being completed. Despite the technical challenge that this presented, IT Solutions staff ensured that all of our applications worked flawlessly through both shifts.”

Chris Fairfield

General Manager
BASF New Zealand Ltd


”From our point of view it has been comforting to have an IT expert present things to us in a clear and simple manner”

Wayne Hudson

Hudson Gavin Martin


“IT Solutions staff assisted us in the transition to becoming a Johnson & Johnson company. They helped us meet a number of challenging deadlines during a difficult transition phase. Their vast technical experience was key to this being a successful project.”

Steve Hamilton

General Manager
DePuy Orthopaedics New Zealand Ltd


”Since asking IT Solutions to manage our IT infrastructure I have gained a much better understanding of our needs in this area. The pro-active approach to IT services that they advocate, offers many long-term cost benefits.”

Adrienne Gooch

Ray White, Mt Eden

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