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We design, implement and maintain computer systems.

Preventative Care.

You want your IT systems to work the way you expect them to - So do we.
IT systems are often seen as expensive and potentially painful problems waiting to happen. If they are not being maintained correctly, this expectation of painful failure will eventually come true. It is already well known that the best way to prevent most outages is to regularly maintain your systems.

For many satisfied customers IT Solutions delivers this preventative care - providing only that which is necessary and remaining vigilant at all times. If the unforeseeable does occur and something breaks, you have only one concern – getting it working again. For our contract customers IT Solutions provides an immediate response. Our service agreements provide for a minimum critical response time and we always try to beat it. We are never far away and will ensure you are not left waiting for hours to get a response to your problem.

Customized Service.

Just like your business, your IT systems are unique. Your particular service and support requirements will be unique too. With this in mind IT Solutions has established customised service agreements to suit your particular business needs. The support we deliver will extend beyond the simple boundaries of IT systems. Over the years we have built up an intimate knowledge of many business sectors, specialising in areas such as Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Health and Legal.

We understand how businesses operate and we love keeping them operational. In today’s world, your IT systems also extend well beyond your walls into your customer’s businesses. They depend upon the various services you provide, which are in turn supported by your IT systems. We are used to extending our support to your customers when they need it, whether to write an interface for your computer system or simply to install or train people on software they need to use. IT systems sometimes need creative solutions beyond simple maintenance and support. IT Solutions has the capability to develop simple software components to connect systems together and to deliver on the specific requirements your customers will sometimes present you with.
We are a G Suite Authorised Reseller, so we can extend our services to your business with this reliable and proven solution.

Maximising your IT Systems.

A relationship with IT Solutions means you will remain informed. The language and knowledge of IT systems can be mystifying at the best of times. IT Solutions will schedule regular update meetings with your company to ensure you understand exactly what has been done and what is planned - described in plain language. Update meetings will be supplemented with regular reports that detail any system risks identified and the remedial steps IT Solutions have taken to mitigate those risks.

No more mystery. No more wondering what you are getting for your money. There will always be a record kept of the knowledge built up about your systems. If you ever decide to employ IT support in house, we will provide a concise report containing the knowledge we accumulated about your system and facilitate a smooth handover to the person you nominate. You will have continuity and you will realise value from the knowledge we build over time.

If you would like to discuss your IT system and how to get the best out of it or perhaps to compare your current support and maintenance program, please give us a call.

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